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Every competitive exam is incomplete without Quantitative Aptitude/Numerical Ability/Math  paper. In India if you want to get a government jobs, you have to go through the competitive exam. So competitive exam syllabus may be different according to the nature, position and government departments but math test, quantitative test will include in every exams by any government agency like UPSC, SSC, Banks and other government departments. Most of the aspirants treat Quantitative Aptitude/Math paper very difficult and avoid to practice it. But it is wrong the Quantitative Aptitude paper need more practice to crack it.

Structure of the following Exams: This page is exclusively for the aspirants who are going to attempt any competitive exam like SSC, UPSC, Banks, CAT, MAT and other competitive exam to practice top 1001 questions of Quantitative Aptitude. The section on practice test is followed by 10 exams (10 practice tests) having 5 parts of each containing total 1001 questions. Our purpose to provide these questions is to prepare you to attempt next exam with confidence, speed and accuracy.

Topics Covered: In the following exams, there are total 5 pars in each exam. In each part there are total 10 questions of Numerical Ability/Quantitative Aptitude/Math. The questions are mixtures on the topics of Average, Numbers, HCF & LCM, Percentage, Time & Work, Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Probability, Equations and all basics or commons topics which comes in all competitive exams. The exam screen has also solution/explanation button to see the solution by one click. But we strongly recommended that don’t see the solution before attempting the question

Practice Makes a Exam Prefect: As we have prepared the software and collect the top 1001 questions of Quantitative Aptitude for you to practice. So everyone here must practice the following questions whether in 1 day, 2 days or more. As you are aware that there are high competition in these days. So it require to attain high score, high ranking and to get it practice more and more. There is old saying “Practice Makes a Man Perfect” but in our case “Practice Makes a Exam Prefect”.

Instructions to practice 1001 questions of Quantitative Aptitude

  • Attempt all questions to be expert.
  • Practice every day to crack Quantitative Aptitude Paper.
  • Bookmark this page to visit daily.
  • Count timing to complete 1 exam or parts.
  • Review quiz after completed the part to evaluation your performance.
  • Retry quiz if you are not satisfied with your performance or not passed.
  • Don’t see the explanation/solution before attempting the question.

Exam-1, Exam-2, Exam-3, Exam-4, Exam-5, Exam-6, Exam-7, Exam-8, Exam-9, Exam-10

Exam-11, Exam-12, Exam-13, Exam-14, Exam-15, Exam-16, Exam-17, Exam-18, Exam-19, Exam-20

Quantitative Aptitude Questions (Exam-1)

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  1. RINKU SINGH says:

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    Hw will download these questions?

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  13. Rupali sandeep Deshmukh says:

    I am completed B.com need gov sec job.

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    Please tell me the way to download these all papers so that i could prepare for competetive exam.

  15. sweety says:

    How to download 1001 question??

  16. Manju says:

    Please help me sir how to download 1001 Quantitative Aptitude question

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    how do i download these 1001 questions

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  19. hema p says:

    sir please explain me how to download these practice papers reply as soon as possible as I want to prepare for coming sep 2014 clerks exam I am need of job.

  20. surendra says:

    Can you provide e-book of sentence improvement or correction in english then send it at my e-mail id.

  21. jass paul says:

    yarr main ma be kar reha ha.so ple somebody help me.

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    I want Q.A question solusion.please help me

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    nice wrk

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    please provide any Govt job to equal of my qualification please give me the replay

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