There are total 282 Govt Jobs Opening 2014 for Security Officers on 23rd April, 2014. Please refer the following table to check latest jobs opening for Security Officers. 

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List of Govt Jobs for Security Officers 2014

Last Date
Updated on
CompanyPositionsVacanciesDegreeQualificationLast DateDetailDepartmentsUpdated onStatePosts
UPSCBorder Security Force (BSF)68Graduation (Any)Bachelor Degree12/5/2014DetailUPSC19-04-14IndiaPolice Defence
UPSCCentral Industrial Security Force (CISF)40Graduation (Any)Bachelor Degree12/5/2014DetailUPSC19-04-14IndiaPolice Defence
AIATSLSecurity Agent271Graduation (Any)Bachelor Degree22/04/2014 to 30/04/2014DetailAviation1/4/2014IndiaSecurity Guards
RBISecurity Guard1110th10th30-04-14DetailBank1/4/2014BiharSecurity Guards
GSPCDGM (Security)1Graduation (Any)Bachelor DegreeWithin 15 DaysDetailHealth Dept.9/4/2014GoaManagers

Welcome to the page of Govt Jobs for Security Officers 2014. Security officers are the professionals who look after specific things owned by their employer. They are paid for providing this service. Generally, unskilled or semi skilled people opt for this job. The job of security officers is quite old; Kings used to have security guards who looked after their kingdom, their family, ministers and them. However, it should be noted that modern security officers are quite different from the security guards of that period. Security officers of present days are bounded by certain rules and regulations and have to maintain discipline at least during working hours. Here, we”ll talk only about the career prospects of security officers job in various Government sectors.

Job Profile: Security officers, generally, have to be in proper uniform which is either prescribed or provided by the company he is working for. He needs to be in the appointed workplace on time and has to stay there until his shift’s timing gets over. During the job, he has to be neat and tidy and helpful enough to the clients of office. If an officer overlooks any of the things mentioned here, they are penalized for it. Some employers warn its security officers for specific times whereas some are very strict so they appoint other security guard and replace in case of their faults. Hence, scope for faults is least in this job.

Responsibilities of Security Officers in Government Sector: An ideal security officer is the one who follows rules and disciplines laid down by its company. He takes care of its employers’ office with proper responsibility and sees to it that anything present in the office is not receiving any harm. Such officers deserve and receive fair remuneration as well as respect for their dedication to work. Ideal security officers are assets to their firm as the risk of owners regarding firm’s security minimizes.

Opportunity in Government Sectors: Security officers have high scope of employment in government sector. There are tremendous numbers of government sector undertakings all over India and all of them require one or more security officers for security. Some government sector undertakings where security officers have high job opportunities are Indian Railway, Reserve Bank of India and other production industries owned by Central or State government. Apart from this, there are many government banks where job vacancies are available time-to-time. ATMs have added to the recruitment and selection of security officers as they are appointed to take care of ATMs and assist people in making transactions using ATM. Government also own many buildings of historical importance and heritage buildings which are taken care of by security officers. Therefore, available in present India is terrific number of government jobs for security officers.

People who are not highly educated or skilled opt for the jobs of security officers. As these people are not much skilled, they are not welcomed for jobs that require high qualifications. Security officers are not given much respect by the society. However, they don’t mind being a security officer because they can at least earn something instead of nothing. Government pays good salary to security officers so any person who is not much skilled in any field and is struggling to earn money can opt for this job in any government sector undertaking.

We will list here all the jobs opening for security officers in Government sectors for the year 2013. The candidates should bookmark this page for future references.

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4 Responses to Govt Jobs for Security Officers: 282 Jobs Opening on 23-4-2014

  1. beveio liba says:

    i am extremely feel proud being a student of our state(manipur),,,,,i am 24 yrs old ,,,i did my with 67%,,,,,my dreams is to protect and to guard with truth and equality before,,,, i am 5’5 feet and weight 58kg please do hope inform me if vacants are avail ……..highly appreciated…….long live manipur

  2. bhagwan singh says:

    sir, i am doing my graduation and i have a ncc c certificat kindly give me information regarding security officer jobs

  3. sunnykumar says:

    sir i proud myself and police line is my dream . i am studying b. com ( p). i got 76 % in +2 . My age is 20 year. i am very healthy. my height is 5′ 8″ foot . and you have any vaccancy fofr please tell me sir because i want do something for country

  4. visha says:

    i m vishal kumar .i m +2 pass. i have no father and i have a mother and sister.all responsibilti of my mother and sister on me i badly want this job

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