interview questionsMost of the aspirants feels that they can crack the written test but cracking interview is not in my hand. But its wrong the interview is simple than written test and if you can crack the written test then you can also do interview with ease. You just need to prepare yourself with it. There are certain common questions that most of the candidates face during their interviews. Here we sum up 10 most common job interview questions with answers. Please read and comment your answers also.

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1) Tell me something about yourself? (Most common question asked in every interview)

Reply: Hello, Mr. ___(interview’s name). I am ____(name) from ___(mention your city’s name). Provide a short description of your academic background and then mention your age stating that you are now seeking to make use of the hard gained knowledge. If you have some work experience, then do mention it. Read more in detail

2)  Why did you quit or are quitting you previous job?

Reply: I personally follow a principle which is two-fold in nature. It should not only make me comfortable with good income but on the other hand, should also be able to provide me with a space to learn and grow over a period of time. My last job did satisfied by first criteria, but failed to satisfy the second.

3) What are your strengths?

Reply: Ensure that you highlight only those areas which are useful from the organization’s point of view only. I am good at team work and fluent in communicating with others. My schooling helped me to develop leadership skills as I was nominated as the Captain of Yellow house who won the best house during my period.

4) What are your weaknesses?

Reply: Ok! This is a tricky one. In this area you need have to highlight your biggest strength else you’ll lose your chance. Suppose if you are very good in English, then say, in my early days in was very weak in communicating in English, but I have been working on it for some time now and now you can see that I have made a decent effort. You can add characteristics such as emotional.

5) Why do you want this job?

Reply: This is a section which indirectly asks you to flatter about the company for which you are appearing for. Make sure you have the right information about the company’s present condition and then start by way of- who doesn’t wants to be a part of such reputed company. Highlight the expected development projects of the company and then state that you would love to be a part of such esteemed company.

6) How to do rate success?

Reply: You have to provide an answer that is different from others. You can start with- success is intangible in nature just like a blessing. When an organization is performing well in every section, it can be regarded as success for the organization.

7) Why should we hire you?

Reply: This is the area where you will have to sell your skills. Put a lot of stress on your academics and work experience so that they are bound to select you. Stay calm throughout your answer so that they cannot make out that you are under pressure.

8) Where do you see yourself 5 years from here?

Reply: Be confident and answer this question with all your potential. Sir, I see myself as an established corporate personality who has made a significant contribution to his organization and is all ready to achieve newer heights that leaves him as a most dynamic personality in the whole organization.

9) Your expectations from this job?

Reply: I expect growth as well as development from this job. I am here to be a part of one of the most top corporate bodies in the nation and I do believe that I would be given a fair chance to prove my ability and take this organization to higher level with the efforts of team spirit and leadership.

10) Abstract question

Reply: There are always certain abstract questions on offer in the interview. Make sure that you have a sound knowledge on current affairs. If you don’t know about it, then casually state that I think I have missed this hot topic as I had an emergency at my home.

The above questions are very common and asked in every interview. We have given answers by our own opinion. It may impress interviewer or not. Please also comment your answers which should be replace above answers.

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37 Responses to 10 Most Common Job Interview Questions in Interview With Answers

  1. intu boruah says:

    i am H.S. passed (com) apply for Data Entry Operator. so i request to you when interview stared.

  2. ladu ram rawal says:

    I want this job my qualification b.a.last year runing and d c a comuter knowlage

  3. achalveer singh says:

    my self is achalveer singh and I m complet mba finance plz I m looking govt job pl z find a good job thank you

  4. kokare ramesh ganpatrao says:

    sir plz this job I am iti & ncvt & SSC / HSc & computer corce in ms-cit & DTP photo shop at exprence in electrical field in 3year

  5. dheeraj kumar says:

    Sir my name is Dheeraj Kumar have completed my degree,computers sir please make a mail sir I will be happy if u give me this job sir

  6. REVATHI.P says:

    Dear mam / Sir
    I want a job. I complete my u.g degree ca

  7. Ankita Srivastava says:

    Please send vacancies

    • kajal says:

      HI. sir i want this job beuse i have done lot degree .M.A. DCOM.PGDIMB.AND M.B.A also have done can you give me chance sir think about plz …thank so much…..

  8. syedbilal.R says:

    sir, I am syedbilal I complet my PG M B A (shipping and logistics). at chennai if any job vacancy for logistics felled please replay my mail ID THANK YOU.

  9. Prabhash kumar says:

    I completed And extra computer knowledge Dca & tally. I hv work experience of 8 yr. In medical sector as a o.t assistant& and pharmacies. So if any job related to my qualify then plz help me requesting u to give some guideline.

  10. anuradha says:

    Hello sir/mam. Please give me anyone job. I am 10th passed. And my mom dad no more. Piz give me job. Its very argant.

  11. anuradha says:

    Hello sir/mam. Please give me anyone job. i am 10th passed. My mom dad no more. Please give me job its argent.

  12. Vikash tiwari says:

    Dear sir,
    Please jobs thanks.

  13. Ajajul haque ansari says:

    Moulana majharul haque farsi&arbic univercity moulvi&Alim 1st year complete…
    Please give me job…

  14. sagar gaikwad says:

    sir i want job

  15. Alpita joshi says:

    Dear sir/madam

    lm self alpita Joshi my education B.A, M.A, B.Ed And L.L.B So please make my Job sir

  16. anoop singh says:

    Sir i am complete post graduation in MCA.

  17. vishal says:

    Hi Sr. I want gov. At this time pass out then after
    So please watch right path of this job then i deaserv it…. Please rply

  18. nazeer says:

    I am in final year,how to get a gov job

  19. MANJUNATHA.K.E says:

    nsure that you highlight only those areas which are useful from the organization’s point of view only. I am good at team work and fluent in communicating with others. My schooling helped me to develop leadership skills as I was nominated as the Captain of Yellow house who won the best house during my period.

  20. siddagouda patil says:

    Dear sir i m compalit my i t i traning so i work in varroc group plz i want to job seatch

  21. kapil says:

    Good evening sir/madom
    I have done mca.get me a good jobs

  22. bhawna says:

    I am bhawna . I hail from delhi but i put up in ashram.
    As far as my qualification is concern . I have done 12th class but i pursuing hons in regular college from evening.
    I have done basic computer course & english speaking course in INDO AMERICA INSTITUTE. i will doing part time job in morning so pls help me.

  23. Monika keshri says:

    sir, I want govt job I am an mba with marketing & finance from icfai university so if u have job related to my qualification send me mail.

  24. Rupinderpal kaur says:

    Sir plz tell me goverment job about M.a/ M.ed

  25. I m post graduated.
    Rani durgavati university Jabalpur [M.P.]

  26. anjum says:

    i am anjum. i passed written test of lecturer in urdu pls any persons who have knowledge about viva pls contect

  27. karthikeyan.k.s. says:

    finished my bcom,and currently working as a store incharge in private company

  28. where there is will,there is a way.

  29. vipul kumar says:

    sir plz tell me about goverment job for bca

  30. suresh kumar says:

    Sir im b.a complet by computer and m.a previe sir please halp me govt and private job cont.08387879283

  31. mantelingaiya says:

    pls give me anyone job, 10 passed and computer cours in tally ph:9655192803

  32. Sarvajeet says:

    plz, give me answer

    Q. Why do you want to join as a clerk in Goa?
    Q. Why are you applied for Goa?

  33. md alam says:

    it is a guideline for new comer..

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